The simplest way to measure fluorescence

Your solution for small mobile detection systems

Our fluorescence detectors

The DIALUNOX fluorescence detectors are highly advanced optical measuring devices that boast seamless integration of LED light sources and custom-made optical filter sets. This integration ensures an extremely precise excitation and detection of specific fluorescent dyes. Fully integrated, in this context, means they have a clearly defined connection interface and can be contriled through user-friendly firmware.

You can find large range of pre-configured wavelength combinations for your detector by using our online tool.


For high-performance fluorescence detection of up to 2 fluorescent dyes.

  • Simple plug and play operation
  • Highly sensitive measurements
  • Contact-free measurements on surfaces or in solutions
  • Easy integration with common optical platforms
  • Fast realization of individual measurement needs

Fluo Sens Integrated

For easy development of small mobile fluorescence detection systems.

  • Enables development of small handheld instruments
  • Minimal risk due to proven product
  • Robust and reliable
  • Highly sensitive
  • Up to 2 wavelengths can be measured simultaneously